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8/12/12 - 3 year old Elizabeth - First flight!

Photo of the Moment

This photo of the moment is a shot of the crowd at the last night fly event! It features members chatting and watching the great flying going on while waiting for the sun to go down. Click on the image to see full size photo!

5/22/12 - 3 year old Elizabeth - First flight!

Photo of the Moment

"Here is a great shot I got at the soccer field with my little 3 yr old daughter Elizabeth. She was also a photo of the moment when she was 7 or 8 months old posing with the vapor. This picture was taken after our very first flight together. We had a great time!!" ~Mark Bennett

4/12/12 - Noah Morgan won Model of the Month!

Photo of the Moment

At the monthly club meeting, there is a context for Best Model of the Month. This month Noah Morgan and his friend Armondo, won for their lego creation!

2/22/11 - Steven our new President in action

Photo of the Moment

Last weekend on Saturday Steven went out to Greenspot to paint our shade structure. About one third is now painted in it already looks like new. If you can give Steven a hand to paint the remaining section of the structure please let him know at

1/8/11 - AMA Convention 2011, Ontario

Photo of the Moment

Jim Levell posing in our booth on Saturday before the "hordes" entered the convention center. Jim did an awesome job organizing our AMA convention presence and setting up as well as running our booth this year! - There were many people interested in our club, our activities and our flying site. The Jim's raffle went well too and we will soon announce the happy winners.

6/19/10 - Greenspot Field Maintenance Day

Photo of the Moment

Last Saturday we finally had our Greenspot Field Maintenance Day. We had a very strong crew and such were able to recondition our runway from the damage sustained by some the winter storms. Besides patching holes in our runway we did also clean up the area around our field and added straw bales for the safety of our pilots. Our new member Mark Witkowski made some great pictures including the group picture above. - Thanks to everybody that came out! - Great job!!!

12/16/09 - Rick's new Foamie

Photo of the Moment

Here is a shot of Rick's new DW foamies Yak 54. It is powered by a Scorpion 2215-18 motor, 18A ESC, has a wing span of 38in, and is using 4 Hitec HS55 servos. Rick put alot of effort into this design and is came out great. The bottom is white with black checkers. It flies like a champ too, what a great 3D monster. (Aldrin)

10/22/09 - Jon's new Su-27 Flanker

Photo of the Moment

A nice picture of Jon's new prop jet, a kit built Su-Flanker. This model was built while Jon was on the road and away from SoCal, tending to his bees in Colorado. This sure looks like a very decent flying machine, I am curious to get the first in-flight picture!.

10/5/09 - Stephen's Super Cub

Photo of the Moment

A snapshot courtesy of Aldrin of Stephen's new Piper Super Cub. Stephen has played with this plane for a while and now that the engine is running nice and smooth it is a wonderful plane to fly and to watch. It looks and flies very scale. It is also a great sight with the beautiful backdrop of the SBDO mountains. - Congratulations to a great plane!

9/2/09 - Woody's Edge 260 (42%!)

Photo of the Moment

A snapshot courtesy of Aldrin of Booker T. Woods 42% Edge hovering over Greenspot. - What a sight!

8/23/09 - Rick at a well deserved break

Photo of the Moment

This weekend Rick and Steven organized a work crew to start patching our runway and prepare it for the next winter. The weather was just perfect and together with five follow members they were able to repair the entire center section and give it some new life. This time a new technique was used, instead of using Hudson sprayers regular watering cans were used to spread the polymer over the repaired areas. This worked out exceptionally well and the result should provide for a very durable coat. Thanks a lot to everybody that pitched in! (Rick, Steven, Booker, Glenn, Dennis H., Aldrin, and Art). Check out our Photo Gallery for pictures!

7/17/09 - Aldrin's TRex 600

Photo of the Moment

This is a great shot of Aldrin's TRex 600 hovering over our field on July 14th. After finalizing our new "security system" (locks) on the containers, Rick and Aldrin spent some time enjoying the flying at Greenspot.
Photo courtesy of Rick Inlow.

7/9/09 - Rick's Kwick Fly II

Photo of the Moment

After all that hard work on the runway, Rick enjoys a couple of flights with his Kwick Fly II that he recently purchased from Don G.. - The model is a great flyer (actually both are :-)) and a logical next step and upgrade from Rick's previous main ship, a Great Planes Cherokee!
The picture was taken by Aldrin Sangma.

6/25/09 - The two winners of the Model of the Month Award

Photo of the Moment

A bit behind schedule, here are the two winners of last meeting's Model of the Month Contest: Steven Lumpkin with a foam pusher jet (left) and Sanford with a ducted fan foam jet (Right). Both planes got the same number of votes. That hasn't happened for a long time. Congratulations to both!

6/17/09 - Oscar's New plane

Photo of the Moment

I don't have too much info about that plane just that it is Oscar's new flag ship and that it will be used to test the new big airplane restraints that he put in on Monday! - Thank you Oscar! PS. It is a Cap 232 with 81" wingspan powered by a gas 45cc engine and controled by a JR Spectrum Radio.

4/28/09 - George's Heli in Action

Photo of the Moment

This photo was submitted by Rick Inlow who was at the new field once last December when George Manning fly his icely detailed heli (Raptor?). Photo curtesy Rick Inlow.

2/11/09 - Start the hobby early!

Photo of the Moment

In these times and age you cannot start early enough: Here is a picture of Elizabeth Bennett, one of Sanford's grand children getting ready to get into modeling. On the picture Elizabeth is about 3 months old and she is already looking for something bigger than the Vapor. Although it is hard to tell (She says "bwabawbaw"), it seems that she is eyeing now an E-Flite's Piper Pawnee 15E.

Picture courtesy of Mark Bennett

1/19/09 - Aldrin Sangma's new plane 2009

Photo of the Moment

Here is Aldrin Sangma's new Aeroworks Edge 540T. Posing with it is Aldrin's wife Shiva.

1/12/09 - AMA Convention 2009

Photo of the Moment

Like in previous years we were part of the annual AMA Convention in Ontario. It was again a very enjoyable experience and we got to talk to many people about our club and about our activities at our new field. - The video that Don Giandomenico put together for the show focused on all our efforts in this context. It is a very neat compilation of video segments that shows all the steps from start to end.

For those that were not able to check out the movie at the AMA Convention, here are two links to an Internet adapted version on Don's web-site. - Enjoy!

  • 768 KBits/s
  • 384 KBits/s
  • I would also like to thank all the members that helped this year at the show, be it for manning the booth and/or contribution to our display - Great job thanks a lot!

    12/15/08 - 1st MARKS December Cookout

    Photo of the Moment

    What a great flying day we had! - In between two weather systems we enjoyed a great day of flying with cold but otherwise great weather in Greenspot. The participation was awesome, the spirits high, and Jim and Dennis' Breakfast & Lunch was like usually outstanding. - What an occasion to end a year!

    The picture to the left shows the pit area with some of the pilots and planes.

    12/05/08 - Greenspot Activity

    Photo of the Moment

    Since we are setup nicely in Greenspot the flying activity has increased significantly. Such there is now almost always somebody that enjoys our new site. This is not only great for our club but also good for our field's safety because there are fewer times when our field in unattended.

    This picture was taken during the week by Rick Inlow. It shows Woody's big IMAC plane just before landing.

    11/23/08 - Greenspot Warm Up Party

    Photo of the Moment

    We had a great turnout on our first semi-official gathering at our new flying site and the sky over Greenspot was populated with models from dawn to dusk. It was a lot of relaxed fun and everybody enjoyed the new field, the views (before the SMOG layer finally caught up with Highland in the late afternoon), the vast open flying area, and of course our new shades

    The picture on the left shows the busy ready and setup area.

    11/17/08 - The Final Touch

    Photo of the Moment

    This last weekend was indeed a "work weekend"! We had almost 25% of our members coming out on either Saturday or Sunday to help with the final push of our runway. Thanks to everybody who helped over the weekend, you guys did an awesome job and you can be truly proud of what you did. - There are not many clubs that would build such a runway completely on their own. We worked all day on both days and finished the markings just about the time when it got dark. Dean Daily and Oscar on the picture on the left are obviously pleased and happy with the result.

    The new Greenspot site is active as of today (Monday Nov. 17) and the old runway should not be used anymore. The only items that are currently still at the old site are the two setup tables, however they will be moved soon too.

    Once again: Great Job!!!

    11/1/08 - Construction of our Shades

    Photo of the Moment

    Got Shade! - Since last weekend we have again a nice permanent shade structure at our new field location in Greenspot. The shade is D.J.'s old shade (60x12' steel frame and aluminum roof) plus two 20' extensions left and right that will be covered with fabric early next year.

    The shade went up much quickier than we originally thought, so that we were done after only one day. Plus if you haven't noticed, we were just about done with the setup before the first rain of the season. Thanks a lot to Roger, Dennis, Don, and Andreas for their setup up work!

    10/26/08 - Construction of new Runway

    Photo of the Moment

    For the last couple of weeks we have been working hard on our new site in Greenspot. Just last weekend we finished surveying the perimeter and grading the area where our new field will be situated. - It is looking very, very, very good - You will have to come out for yourself to check.

    Many members have helped in various ways, a special thank goes however to Dennis Driskill and his son David who did all the heavy grading. Thanks also to Larry Jacinto from Mentone for their great support. - Thanks a lot to everyone who has helped!

    10/4/08 - Pylon Race at Gilman Springs

    Photo of the Moment

    Another great Pylon Race! We had again a awesome racing day with nine participants from three local clubs (Gilman, AMAA, and MARKS). The ambiance was very relaxed and friendly, like always and the weather, although on the cloudier side, cooperated perfectly. - Just look at those smiling faces on the picture!

    This snapshot shows the racers of the Golden Race. From right to left (1st - 4th): Don, Holly, Andreas, and Mel.

    9/14/08 - Pylon Race at Greenspot

    Photo of the Moment

    What a great race day on a wonderful Sunday! - We had seven racers that came from the AMAA, Gilman Springs, and MARKS RC clubs competing in our World Model Races. For a detailed report you will have to wait for the upcoming newsletter, but we witnessed some great races, close but accident-free flying and some great airborne camaraderie.

    The picture on the left shows the race crew, before the race. Holly Hollingworth (1st), Chris Gaultier (2nd), and Tom Widmer (3rd) took top honors. - Congrats!!! - Thanks also to the members and affiliates that helped organize the race (Joe Augino, Erik and Sven Blaser, Rick Inlow, Jim Levell, and Brian Ahrens).

    9/2/08 - Runway fixed and Taxiway excavated!

    Photo of the Moment

    This Labor Day weekend we set out to fix the runway with sand and polymer that was left over from this spring's GRIP project. We had done a test earlier that week and we were surprised how easy it was. You can see the helping crew and the result on the photo to the side.

    The restoration was done by lunch and the polymer started to set in the afternoon; by the following day everything had cured. For the final touch we did also reapply the markings on the runway and the newly fixed taxiways.

    Special thanks go to Harry Hill (President AMAA) of Redlands - Yucaipa Rentals for letting us use their equipment for compacting. Thanks a lot!

    8/25/08 - Our newest members in action!

    Photo of the Moment

    Our newest members Andrew and Liam Glendening preparing one of their airplanes for its first takeoff at Greenspot. The plane had been suspended in the hangar (aka garage) for more than four years, however, both plane and pilot did well and a couple of great flight were performed. This proves again that once you are bitten by the RC model bug you can pick it up at any time even after a longer break.

    Liam was watching his dad that day, but he has been practicing a lot on the simulator and will soon be ready to tear up the skies over Greenspot himself!

    8/12/08 - And then there were three!

    Photo of the Moment And then there were three!

    Back from my vacation I was checking out our field when I say that there was a nice new wooden setup table! - Now we have three setup tables should make it easier to get our models ready without hauling too much equipment back and forth.

    The next time you see Art Doud at the field don't forget to thank him for building that nice table! - Great job Art, thanks a lot!!!

    As announced at one of the last meetings, if you build another table (we need a total of about seven) then you get a one year membership for free!
    (abl, 8/12/08)

    6/29/08 - Another Step - Our Shade is at Greenspot

    Photo of the Moment

    Last week we have moved our new container to Greenspot - this week we did the same with DJ's old shade structure that was stored for many years at Rondy's Glass in San Bernardino (Thanks!). Like the previous operations the transfer went smooth and quick. We were hauling everything with Rick's 16' trailer and got a lot of help from members that were enjoying the perfect Sunday flying weather. - Thanks guys.
    (abl, 6/29/08)

    6-21-08 - Greenspot - Our new 24' Container

    Photo of the Moment

    We had picked the hottest weekend so far to move our new 24' container from Yucaipa to Greenspot. Fortunately we started the move early and got the container positioned for the upcoming setup of the shade structure before it got really, really hot.

    The picture on the left shows the container move crew: Erik, Sven, Glen, Andreas, Rick and our youngest helper Savannah. In the back you can see the big rig that Mazzulla Grading Inc. allowed us to use for the job - THANKS!!! - (abl, 6/21/08)

    6-9-08 - Greenspot - Another step

    Photo of the Moment

    On Saturday Steven, Rick, Sven, and I added some color to our new field. Besides the all important centerline and two big Xs at the end, we added a runway outline and some marks for fun games and precision landings to the center section. -

    The picture on the left shows the runway with the markings from West to East - Looks pretty cool, right?
    (abl, 6/9/08)

    4-27-08 - GRIP in Action

    Photo of the Moment

    Only one word can describe last Saturday:

    A W E S O M E !

    With the help of many club members (I counted about 25) we pulled the project off and have now once again a nice, big, smooth runway. - Although we will have to apply a final sealing coat in 30 days, we are again back in business and the runway is open for all flying.
    Thanks for everybody that pitched in and to all the businesses that were kind enough to let us use their heavy equipment! (Larry Jacinto, Nicholas Equipment Inc. (Mazzulla Grading), and Robertson's Concrete)

    4-2-08 - GRIP Dryrun

    Photo of the Moment

    We did it! - After a successful dry-run of our polymer spreading device, some serious clean-up of our runway, and moving lots of earth (Thanks Dennis, Larry Jacinto and Mazzulla Grading for equipment and Robertson's Concrete for water!) we are ready for the real resurfacing date on April 26th. - If you see any of these fine members (including Chuck who was just out getting lunch for the crew) at the flying field don't forget to pat them on their back and thank them for turning our field back into a great site! (4-13-08)

    3-16-08 - Operation Weed Crusher

    Photo of the Moment

    Operation "Weed Crusher" on Saturday morning was a great success: Armed with shovels, picks, and weed whackers we had the field cleaned in no time. This was also the first step for getting the runway resurfaced.

    The picture shows the entire crew after a good day's work.

    Chino Flier Swap Meet & Piper Cup Festival

    Photo of the Moment

    Oscar attended last weekends Chino Flier Swap Meet & Piper Cup Festival. Here is an impression of the action on that day.

    Steven's two new Formula 3D Models

    Photo of the Moment

    Steven has now two Forumula models in flying condition. They are made by Model Tech are 3D capable and Steven installed an OS FX .61 in one and a Saito 82 4-Stroke in the other model. Both are controled by an Airtronics VG 6000 radio. (3-25-08)