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October 2013
10-3-2013: October Meeting & Newsletter & BBQ

October will be an active month, we will have our next meeting on Thursday Oct. 10 and two days later on Oct 12th we are going to have a NightFly BBQ. Please check the newsletter for more details.

September 2013
9-1-2013: September Club Meeting & August Newsletter

After our summer break we will resume our meeting schedule with the September meeting. As usual we will meet at the Highland Senior Center at 7PM on the second Thursday of the month (9/12). We will have a guest speaker, so make sure to mark your calendar for that night.
Also don't miss out on our August newsletter, you can download it as usual from our website.

August 2013
8-5-2013: July Newsletter

Our newest newsletter is posted and ready for download!
As a reminder, there will be no August meeting.

July 2013
7-11-2013: Night Fly this weekend!

Join Sanford this coming Saturday July 13th for the first Night Fly of this summer! The night fly is officially open on sun down but you are welcome to bring your planes before dusk and practice with some ambient light. The weather forecast looks very promising, with mild temperatures and only a little wind.

7-2-2013: June Newsletter & Summer Meetings

Joe's June newsletter is posted online, ready for download.
Meetings: We currently plan to have a summer break, that is, currently there are no meetings scheduled for July, August, and September. However please check back frequently as our plans might change.

June 2013
6-2-2013: May Newsletter

Our most recent newsletter is ready for download. May has been a very busy month at the field so the newsletter is full of good information. You can download the PDF from our Newsletter page.

May 2013
5-3-2013: May Meeting & Newsletter

Joe put together another great newsletter, it is accessible at the usual location.
Our next meeting will be on Thursday May 9th.

April 2013
4-30-2013: Annual Fun Fly & BBQ

This coming Saturday May 4th we will be having our annual Fun Fly and BBQ at our Greenspot field. This year we will have five different fun challenges and everybody with a valid AMA membership can participate. Besides some flying fun Chef Jim aka Cptn CookieCutter will do his magic and cook breakfast and later serve BBQ for lunch. - Please refer to the e-mail that was sent to members earlier today for additional details. - Hope to see you there!

4-8-2013: April Meeting & Newsletter

Joe's newsletter is also available for download. Please check it out before the meeting this week (Thursday April 11th) so you know what will be discussed.

March 2013
3-13-2013: March Meeting & Newsletter

After a meeting break in February we are having our March meeting this week on the 14th. Joe's newsletter is also available for download. Please check it out before the meeting so you know what will be discussed.

February 2013
2-10-2013: January Newsletter & February meeting

Joe just posted our first newsletter of this year, you can download it at the usual place (Newsletter).
Important: Because this Thursday is Valentine's day we will have no February meeting. The next regular meeting is in March 14th.

January 2013
1-2-2013: Greenspot closed this Thursday Jan. 3rd

There will be another round of full scale helicopter flying at Greenspot on Thursday Jan. 3. and as a consequence our field will be closed for the that day. If you have any questions please check with Steven or Andreas.

December 2012
12-22-2012: Greenspot closed this Wednesday Dec. 26th

There will be another round of full scale helicopter flying at Greenspot on Wednesday Dec. 26. and as a consequence our field will be closed for the that day. If you have any questions please check with Steven or Andreas.

12-3-2012: November Newsletter and Christmas Party

Our November newsletter is ready, for download!
Also, there is still time to sign up for our Christmas dinner on Thursday December 13th. - So far already more than 30 members and family have signed up, and it seems that Chef Jim did such a splendid job last year that everybody is really looking forward to what he has up his sleeve this year. The dinner is $10 a plate, everything included. You can get more info from the newsletters.

November 2012
11-19-2012: Greenspot closed this Friday Nov. 23rd

As indicated in an earlier communication, Synetics Systems Engineering will be conducting an areal survey in the Greenspot borrow pit. The survey is scheduled for this Friday, November 23rd and because the survey operation will include the use of a full scale helicopter there will be no RC flying for that day.
If you have any questions in this context please check with Steven or Andreas. - Thanks and sorry if you had been planning to go flying.

11-2-2012: October Newsletter

The October newsletter is ready, Download it Here! Also, the next club meeting will be on November 8th, 7:00pm at the Highland Senior Center.

October 2012
10-7-2012: September Newsletter and Meeting

Don't forget to check out Joe's newest edition of the MARKS Newsletter. Download it Here! - Also this week is meeting week (Thursday 10/11), same place and time like always (Highland Senior Center, at 19:00).

September 2012
9-9-2012: August Newsletter!

August Newsletter has been posted! Download it Here!

August 2012
8-25-2012: Warbirds Over Gilman Springs!

All RCMarks members are cordially invited to participate in the upcoming September 22nd "Warbirds Over Gilman Springs" event. (See event Flyer Here!)

8-3-2012: July Newsletter!

The July NewsLetter has been posted. Check out the great pictures of the latest night fly event! July NewsLetter

July 2012
7-20-2012: July Night Fly coverage by Highland Community News!

Highland Community News wrote a nice article about our club and the recent night fly (Saturday, 14th of July). Check out the great pictures of the people and planes that attended! Click Here to view the article.

7-6-2012: June Newsletter!

The June NewsLetter has been posted! Make sure to check out the latest info on the upcoming night fly on July 14th. June NewsLetter

June 2012
6-5-2012: Clean up day re-scheduled - June 23rd!

Our yearly cleanup day has been rescheduled to June 23rd from 8am to 12 noon. Also, get info on the club motto contest! Find out all the details and more in the May NewsLetter!.

May 2012
5-5-2012: April Newsletter!

The April NewsLetter has been posted! Make sure to check out the latest info on the Open House, upcoming night fly, and field clean up day. April NewsLetter Here!

April 2012
4-15-2012: Opening Day

We are inviting all club members, friends, family, and anyone else to our club field to see us fly!! See our planes up close and talk to our pilots! Saturday, April 21st 8am to 3pm.

4-6-2012: March Newsletter has been posted!

Get info on the April events, including the first Summer Night Fly, and Opening Day! newsletter!

February 2012
2-2-2012: January Newsletter is ready!

New election results for a new year! Get all the details in the January newsletter!

December 2011
12-31-2011: December Newsletter is ready!

Happy New Year to everybody and if you want to get a head start for the upcoming flying season, Joe posted his December newsletter!

12-1-2011: The November Newsletter and Christmas Party!

Don't miss this month's issue of Joe's newsletter!
Also this coming Thursday (Dec. 8th) we will have our Christmas party at the Highland Senior Center. Cptn. Jim Cookie-Cutter will be our Chef and additional details are in our newsletter.

November 2011
11-2-2011: The October Newsletter is ready!

Another month another newsletter!

October 2011
10-3-2011: The September Newsletter is ready!

Joe's September newsletter newsletter, is ready for download - Don't miss it!

September 2011
9-5-2011: September Meeting

We will be having our montly meeting as usual on Thursday September 8th at the Senior Center in Highland (Starting at 7:00PM).

9-4-2011: The August Newsletter is ready!

Be sure to check out Joe's August newsletter newsletter, besides others, it features a report of the BBQ & Night Fly as well as an account of last meeting's special guest. - Enjoy!

August 2011
8-1-2011: The July Newsletter is ready!

Joe did it again! Check out his July newsletter including the special announcement in regard of this month's club meeting featuring a special guest. - Enjoy!

June 2011
6-30-2011: The June Newsletter is ready!

Another great newsletter from Joe! - Check ot out from the usual place. Enjoy!

6-21-2011: Greenspot Work Day

Please join us this Saturday, June 25th for a cleanup and field improvement day. The field will be closed for flying all day so that we can tend to our facilities. There will be free lunch and refreshments for everybody who shows up and helps. If you have questions please check with Steven.

March 2011
3-30-2011: The March Newsletter is ready!

Curious about what is going on in our club? Wanna read a little something about our new president? Then check out Joe's March newsletter! You can download the PDF from the usual place. Enjoy!

February 2011
2-22-2011: The Jan/Feb Newsletter is here!

Joe did a great job putting together our January & February Newsletter! The PDF is downloadable from the usual place. Let's keep this going! Send Joe your stories and pictures from the flying field, the more the merrier. - And finally: Thanks a lot Joe!!!

January 2011
1-11-2011: Meeting this week

OK, I got a bit lazy recently (well not really, but ...). Anyway, I'll try to be a bit better at updating our web pages this year. This week on Thursday we will be having our first MARKS meeting. As usual in January we have an open election for our officers, directors, and board members so please try to attend. The meeting place is the same as usual, that is, the Highland Senior Center (1-13-11, at 7:00PM)

March 2010
3-4-2010: Pylon Race Postponed!!!

We just got the news that the first Pylon Race of the season has been postponed by a week, that is:

The race on Saturday March 6th is canceled because of weather and postponed by a week and it is now held on Saturday, March 13th - Everything else stays the same.

February 2010
2-23-2010: First Pylon Race of 2010

The Gilman Springs club holds the first pylon race of the season at their field on March 6th. If you are interested in racing your World Model planes then this is the place to go and check out the action. Schedule and organization is as usual. Bob's Flyer is accessible as PDF.

October 2009
10-22-2009: The Propeller Teller is online

After a break from newsletter activity the Propeller Teller is back! - It was sent out today with USPS for those who want it delivered as a hardcopy and is already posted tonight for everybody to read.

10-5-2009: Meeting this week

We are having our regular monthly meeting this week on Thursday, October 8th (7:00PM) at the usual place, the Highland Senior Center. - Besides regular club business we will be treated with a slide show of this year's Reno Air Races, presented by Paul Smith who attended this year's event and got a great inside scoop! - Don't miss it!

September 2009
9-2-2009: Aldrin's videos of Greenspot activities

Aldrin cut some cool videos of some Greenspot flying action and put them on YouTube - You have to check it out. His main cast are (from what I could tell): Woody, Joe, Rick, Sanford, Robert, and Aldrin himself - I hope I didn't miss anybody!

August 2009
8-23-2009: Greenspot closed on Sunday, Aug. 23.

To give the polymer some time to fully cure our Greenspot runway is closed on Sunday. The field will be open for regular operation on Monday. - Thanks for your understanding.

8-17-2009: Greenspot closed for repair work on Saturday, Aug. 22.

Our Greenspot field will be closed for all flying activities this coming weekend on Saturday August 22.
There will be absolutely no flying on that Saturday, because we need to have access to all parts of the runway in order to patch holes and ready our field for the winter season. - The field will be open on Sunday if conditions allow it. We will send out an e-mail to all members on Saturday evening. - If you have questions or if you can help with the repair work please check with Rick ( or Steven ( - Thanks!

July 2009
7-31-2009: Preparing for Winter

Those of you that have been at the field recently probably noticed that Rick and Steven were working on installing a drainage pipe across the taxi way. This work will be done soon (this weekend) and will be the foundation of a trouble free operation of our field over the winter, as this will allow the rain water to pass under the taxi way instead of over it. Thanks a lot Rick and Steven!

7-15-2009: Bird's perspective of Greenspot

Peter Krok, a GA pilot and friend of our own Robert Boehm fly over Greenspot the other day and took some aerial pictures. The pictures are really neat and if you look carefully you can see Rick and Sanford standing on the runway. :-)
Photos courtesy of Peter Krok.

7-13-2009: New locks!

Rick and Steven put on new double locks on our containers. These locks cannot easily be picked and should keep the content safe. - Thanks a lot guys!

June 2009
6-25-2009: Runway is Kleen!

Let's all put our hands together for Rick Inlow our Greenspot Field Director. For the last two days he has again been very busy at the field, removing weeds and stuff that does not belong there, and not to forget using the blower to clean the runway from sand and little pebbles. Great Job - Thanks a lot Rick. For those who are interested in a "visual" here is a link to some current pictures.

6-17-2009: New airplane restraints!

Oscar Furlong finished the first set of big model airplane restraints this Monday; you can check them out at the field or on this picture This is a great addition to our field and will make starting and handling bigger models much easier and safer. - Thanks a lot Oscar for building these it is much appreciated!

A big thanks goes also to Rick Inlow who cuts the weeds and blows off the sand and small rocks from our runway more often then one would think. - Thanks a lot Rick, you are a great Field Director!

March 2009
3-25-2009: Highland Citrus Festival, March 28th

Like last year the MARKS club will have a booth at this year's Highland Citrus Festival. This local festical has a very unique character and is very relaxed, so come out to Highland this Saturday and bring your kids and family to kick off the spring of 2009! There is more information about the Highland Citrus Festival on-line, such as, the SBDO Sun or

3-9-2009: Meeting this week on Thursday, March 12th

Looking at the two previous entries ... this needs not too much explaining: Our March meeting is this coming Thursday at the same place and at the same time as usual: Highland Senior Center at 7:00 PM. -

February 2009
2-11-2009: Meeting this week on Thursday, February 12th

It is hard to believe that we are already in February 2009! - But here we are and our February meeting is scheduled for this week as well. Same place and time as usual: Highland Senior Center at 7:00 PM. -

January 2009
1-12-2009: Meeting this week on Thursday January. 15th

This is the first meeting this year plus we will have our annual club eletion. The meeting is held at the usual place and time: Highland Senior Center at 7:00 PM. - You can check out the meeting club page for directions.

1-5-2009: The January edition of our Propeller Teller is ready for download!

Happy New Year! - We start the new year with a new issue of the Propeller Teller. Like usually it can be downloaded right from here! - This edition is dedicated to all the hard work that we did as a club in building and relocating our Greenspot runway. Check it out, we hope you are going to like it.

Enjoy the read!

December 2008
12-13-2008: MARKS December Cookout a go!

We will have our first December Cookout as planned tomorrow Sunday 12-14 starting at 9:00. If you want to participate in any of the competitions then you should be there to register by 9:00 (not later than 9:30). The first competition starts at 10:00. A (warm) lunch will be provided for a nominal fee. The competitions are free and the winners will get certificates and they will be published in the newsletter as well as on-line. The nature of the competitions is secret until Sunday morning.

Bring warm clothes and a chair besides the regular items - The weather should be good, mix of clouds and blue skies but the temperatures will be on the (for here around) chilly side.

12-5-2008: Greenspot Access to the field

Because of rain water drainage reasons, Randy the Operation Specialist of the SBVWCD had to close the South West passage of the field that Dennis built when we established our new field. Hence we currently have to CAREFULLY use the first ramp down into the pit, that is, the ramp approximately east from our field. I say "carefully" because this access traverses our over-fly zone. So please be aware of this when you fly. When he gets to it, Randy will put a pipe for the water to drain so we can use the safe South West passage again.

Here is a map with instructions.

November 2008
11-20-2008: Greenspot Field "Warm-Up Party"

To inofficially celebrate our new runway we are having an informal get together at our new flying site this coming Sunday Nov. 23rd. Bring your favorite model, a chair, a cooler, and enjoy the new flying site and the shades with the rest of the gang. -

11-18-2008: New MARKS Greenspot Field from above!!!

Ed Moore tooka ride today in his full scale Comanche over our new field in Greenspot and he made some awesome aerial photos. They can be viewed from our Photo Gallery. - Thanks a lot Ed - great pictures!

11-17-2008: New Flying Site is Active!

As of today our new flying site is active, that is, the old flying field should not be used anymore, in order to avoid any danger of radio interference. The new runway is still curing, however it is safe to walk and fly models from it. - Access the new site from the South ramp (Instructions will fellow be e-mail).

11-6-2008: Fine grading this Saturday Nov 8.

The last step before we can apply polymer to our new runway is to fine grade our runway and taxiway. This task is scheduled for this coming weekend on Saturday. - The following weekend (Nov. 15/16) is Polymer time (if weather permits) so please mark your calendars we need help that day.

October 2008
10-30-2008: Setup of Shade Structure on Sat/Sun Nov 1./2.

Now that all three containers and our disassembled shade structure have been moved to our new site we are ready to put it together! – We will work on our shades this coming weekend (Nov 1st and 2nd) in Greenspot. If you can make time and come out to help please do so. We will send out an e-mail today that details what types of labors need to be performed. – Send questions like usually to Andreas.

10-29-2008: Container Move Day - Today Oct. 29

This afternoon we will move our big 24" container from the current location to the new flying site. -

10-15-2008: Webserver Maintenance on October 22nd

Our IP provider is going to perform an upgrade of the hardware that our web-site ( is running on. Because this is a major upgrade our website and all its connected services (e-mail, forum, etc.) will be down for about an hour. The service window is between 5:00AM and 11:00AM our time on Wednesday Oct. 22nd. - Just so you know and don't blame me :-).

10-12-2008: 2nd Gilman Springs Holiday Season Swap Meet, October 18th

Our neighbor club in Gilman Springs is holding its second annual Swap Meet this coming Saturday. So if you have something to trade or made some room for new RC equipment over the Summer (...) then this is the right place to be next weekend. For more detailed information check out their flyer below.

10-2-2008: Pylon Race at Gilman Springs this Saturday October 4th

More information is available below or on our calendar. The race starts at 9:00AM however pilots should register around 8:00.

September 2008
9-26-2008: Our August/September Propeller Teller is ready for download!

Another nice edition of our newsletter can be downloaded from our web page. (Hey we made it before the end of the Month!)

Enjoy the read!

9-9-2008: Meeting this week on Thursday Sept. 11th

This is the first meeting after our summer break so try to attend whenever possible. The meeting is held at the usual place and time: Highland Senior Center at 7:00 PM. - You can check out the meeting club page for directions.

9-6-2008: New: MARKS Flying Buddy Calendar

Our website has a new feature! - Flying Buddy Calendar is a member only page (you can get to it using our club user ID and password) that easily allows our members to see when people plan to go flying. Such you can connect with other members that fly on a particular date and time and find a flying buddy or flying buddies.

It is so much more fun to fly in a group than alone so please start using this new feature. You can access the page from the left hand side menu selection or from the Club Activities page. Our next newsletter will provide more detailed instructions but the page already works, so feel free to start using it.

August 2008
8-28-2008: Fixing holes in field this Saturday morning, 8-30

After a successful test patch this week we are confident that we have found the magical formula for repairing the ATV and Dirt Bike inflicted damages on our runway. We will start early this Saturday morning and will most likely be done with the job by lunch.

The field will be open in the afternoon for light electric planes ... as far as you are not going to practice figure nines on the runway.

8-15-2008: Field Cleaning this Saturday, 8-16

This Saturday after lunch time we will clean up our field from sand, dust, and little stones that have accumulated over the past few weeks. During that time the field will obviously be closed. Those that want to get some flights in this Saturday can do so before lunch and when we are done, which should be around 2PM.

8-12-2008: Please take pictures ...

Unfortunately there was an other incident where some ATVs and dirt bikes drove over our runway and did some damage. - If you see people driving in the Greenspot pit area please take pictures and forward them to me (ASAP). If you get to talk to them tell them that their activity is not permitted and that the Water District is rather strict with enforcing those rules.

July 2008
7-20-2008: The July Propeller Teller is ready for download!

Another nice edition of our newsletter can be downloaded from our web page. This edition is not as long as the last one but you will still find some interesting topics, pertinent to the club life and RC/Aviation

Enjoy the read!

7-19-2008: Next Pylon Race Scheduled!

After a long break from pylon racing, Joe has scheduled the next race for Sunday, Septemeber 14th, right after our summer break and the next club meeting.

So prepare your engines and practise these low left turns!

7-11-2008: Bylaws changed

The Bylaws have been changed according to the decisions that have been made during the 7-10-08 meeting. They can be downloaded from the usual location or from this link.

7-8-2008: Meeting this week

We will have our July meeting at our regular meeting place, at the Highland Senior Center, this coming Thursday on July 10th (as usual at 7:00PM).

The July newsletter will be sent out the week after the meeting; such we can summarize what has happened at the meeting and add that into the Propeller Teller as well.
There will be no meeting in August as this is our traditional Summer Break.

June 2008
6-28-2008: Hydrological Study in Greenspot!

For the next 2 to 6 weeks you will see more activity around our Greenspot field. This is due to a project of the SBVWCD aiming to make an accurate assessment of the Geology and Hydrology beneath the burrow pit.

At one point they (MWH Americas, Inc.) will be drilling a well in the area where we fly - During that time there will be absolutely no flying at the field! as this would be too dangerous for the work crews. (Mon - Fri, 6:30 - 16:00) - As soon as we know the schedule we will post it and send out an e-mail. Please refer to our e-mail in this context for more detailed information as well as for the do's and don’ts during this time or send a question to - Thanks

6-21-2008: New Container

Both anchor structures for our new temporary shade setup are installed. A small work crew plus a big rig did the job on Saturday . The next step is to move D.J.'s old shades fram SBDO to Greenspot. The plan is to do this early next Sunday (June 29th). If you can volunteer please send an e-mail to Andreas.

6-19-2008: The May/June Newsletter is on-line!

The May/June Propeller Teller is the biggest one yet! - Two active months like the last ones provided ample material for this issue. - Enjoy!
The PT Editors

6-18-2008: New Treasurer, Field Director, and Financial Auditor

As of last meeting we have a new Treasurer (Glenn Sparks), a new Field Director (Rick Inlow), and a new Financial Advisor & Auditor (Chuck Comstock). - Let's give these guys a round of virtual applause!
The May/June newsletter is also almost done and should be sent out this week.

6-11-2008: Meeting this week

We will have our June meeting at our regular meeting place, at the Highland Senior Center, this coming Thursday on June 12th(as usual at 7:00PM). -
The combined May/June newsletter will be sent out the week after the meeting; such we can summarize what has happened at the meeting and add that into the Propeller Teller as well.

6-6-2008: Greenspot Marking

The field will be closed this Saturday after lunch - we will add the runway markings that afternoon. Greenspot will be open again on Sanday.

May 2008
5-11-2008: Redlands Air Show 2008

After a great air show, here are the visuals of last weekends event (Courtesy or Marty Nelson and Erik Blaser). Also, thanks to everybody for helping with setup and teardown, bringing their models, doing awesome demonstrations and representing our clubs to the public. - Special thanks go to all the participants from neighboring clubs - Thanks!!!

I was asked during the show what that Spanish song was that we played early on; here are title and artist: "Canciones De Amor" by Julieta Venegas (Album: Limon Y Sal).

5-1-2008: GRIP Pictures are uploaded

All pictures that we got are uploaded to our Photo Gallery, without any cuts. - Feel free to browse the thumbnails and check out the pictures you like.

April 2008
4-29-2008: We did it and are back in business!

The weather for the GRIP project last Saturday was perfect, attendance great, and the moral of the work crew was high; so it is no wonder that after the dust had settled we were rewarded with a once again awesome runway. - I will not lose more words and you have to check for yourself.

We will soon post pictures of last Saturday's activities, so remember to check back again. - Oh by the way, the runway is in full operation. Just don't drive on the runway and leave the barricades in place so the polymer can completely cure (takes 30 days).

4-24-2008: GRIP - We are ready to roll (literally)!

The weather forecast looks perfect for this coming weekend and everything is set for our resurfacing project. It is not too late to sign up for the project and be part of GRIP. As indicated before, breakfast, lunch, dinner and a movie are included for everybody that helps. We need most help in the morning, as we have to spread and prepare the sand for rolling. So if you can come out to the field (Saturday April 26th at 6:30AM) please let us know so. - See you there!

4-13-2008: GRIP Dry Run - A Success!

Everything works as planned and we had a very successful and satisfying dry-run on Saturday. Thanks to everybody for their great help - The Photo Gallery is updated if you are curious to see what the action looked like.

4-8-2008: Newsletter

The April 2008 Propeller Teller is online!

4-7-2008: MARKS Meeting this week on Thursday, April 10th at 7:00PM

We are meeting this week at our new permanent meeting place at the Highland Senior Center. The center is conveniently located at 3102 East Highland Ave. and is accessible from Route 30 Exit Highland Ave.(For a map click here)

Parking is behind the building. You can enter the building also from the back. Please try to be on time because you need a key to enter and the door is self closing. - The newsletter will be late one or two days but good things take time :-)

Please let people without Internet access know about the meeting. - Thanks!

4-1-2008: Watch where you step!

There have been three sightings of rattlesnakes in the entrance area of the Greenspot burrow pit (bee hives close to the road)[Thanks Jon!]. - This is a reminder that we are outside and need to pay attention what's crawling around us.

Although there is no reason to panic it always helps to sport a good situational awareness. There are various web-sites on the Internet that give advice about how to react when you encounter a snake. The one from Melissa Kaplan seems a good start.

March 2008
3-27-2008: Highland's 12th Annual Citrus Harvest Festival

This will be the first time that the MARKS club will be represented at Highland's Citrus Harvest Festival. We will have a small 10x10' booth where we tell interested people about our hobby and our club. If you want to come out to our booth feel free to do so.

The event start at 10:00 AM and ends 3:30 PM, the location is in Highland's Historic District at the intersection of Palm Avenue and Main Street. There is much more information available on the event web-site or on our calendar.

3-19-2008: We have a new meeting room!

Roger and Andreas met yesterday with the head of the Highland Senior Citizen Center (Penny Lilburn) and arranged that we can use their dining room for our monthly meetings, starting on April 10th.

The Senior Citizen Center is a great facility, with a bright and big meeting room, and I am sure everybody is going to like the new setting. Access is easy as well about two minutes of Highway 30. (3102 E. Highland Ave. Patton, CA 92369)

3-14-2008: Greenspot closed on Saturday March 15th!

We are having a field maintanance day this Saturday and are going to remove all the weeds in preparation of the resurfacing of the old runway. So there will be no flying on Saturday morning. - You are welcome to help. Utilities used are shovels, picks, and weed whackers. We will start around 8:00 and should be done by lunch.

3-11-2008: MARKS Calender is up and running again!

Everything is fine again and the calendar is up and running.

3-10-2008: MARKS Calender does not work currently

Something broke at our ISP and our calendar is currently not working. I have asked our ISP for support and they will fix the problem within 12-24 hours.

3-10-2008: MARKS Meeting & Newsletter

Our meeting this week will be on Thursday March 13th. The temporary meeting place is the First Christian Church in San Bernardino. It is located on the north corner East of 10th and Arrowhead. Parking would be the best on the East side of the church you access the parking lot from tenth street. - The address is:
1001 N. Arrowhead Ave. San Bernardino

The Newsletter is also almost ready and will be posted/mailed sometimes today.

3-2-2008: The Locks are changed

All locks are changed at our Greenspot flying site, so please don't try to get in with the old keys. We had a good day flying on Saturday (No, it wasn't raining) but it was a bit on the "frosty" side and the sun came out only for a bit in the morning.

Heads up concerning the new meeting location:
As you know, we are looking for a new meeting place. We plan to have the meeting in week 11 but depending on the location there are some constraints when the meeting will take place (Wed, Thur). We will post a news flash item, update the on-line calendar, and send out an e-mail to all registered members once we know more.

February 2008
2-28-2008: Key / Lock change at Greenspot

The weather still looks great for next weekend, so we are going ahead with our lock & key exchange session this coming Saturday, March 1st. - We will be there between 9:00 AM and 1:00 PM, all locks will be changed after that.

As usual, if you have any question please, send me an e-mail. - Thanks and I hope I'll see you on Saturday!

2-20-2008: It never rains in Southern California ...

Originally we were going to be at the field at Greenspot this Saturday, February 23rd to hand all members new keys for our new looks; however, taking the current weather situation into account we have decided to postpone the changing of the locks by one week to next Saturday, March 1st.

This will be also the weekend when the locks will be changed. If you have any questions in this concern please send me an e-mail.

2-9-2008: Greenspot Update

The first step to our "Greenspot Runway Improving Project" GRIP is accomplished, we have moved the two containers from their temporary storage location to the old Greenspot site. They are currently empty but once we have cleaned and painted them then we will be using them as storage for some club items. - Special thanks go to Steven, John, Erik, and Sven for moving these extra heavy military grade big metal boxes!

2-8-2008: Newsletter and Meeting

Next week is MARKS meeting week! - The meeting will be hold as usual at the SBDO Security Office. The meeting date is Wednesday, February 13th because the following day is Valentine's day. Important: We will be changing all locks at Greenspot in two weeks (Over the Feb. 23/24). Check out our newsletter how you can get a new key.

Check out our new Newsletter! - We have changed the look and a couple of other things ...

January 2008
1-20-2008: Greenspot Update

The bees have been moved out of the pit into a different area where they don't affect our flying activities any more. We are currently looking at ways to resurface and clean our old runway so we have a place to fly this year and until we have the new runway. Also, the whole pit bottom and the road to our feel have been graded.

Fundraising-wise: We are making progress here to, check out the current funding stats. This is a members-only link. And you can also get to it from the main web page's side bar to the left (Look for "Greenspot Fundraiser" in red).

1-16-2008: AMA Convention - In Retrospect

It has already been a week since the AMA Convention in Ontario - Wowo, not only our models, time flies as well! This year's event was another great show with lots of interesting displays, performances, people and for those interested in buying new "stuff" a great opportunity to stock up RC equipment.

For those that could not make it this year, our Photo Gallery provides you a glimpse into our and the shows activities. - Thanks again to everybody that helped setup and tear down our booth, build the display models, and man the booth. As always such an event cannot happen without a great many helping hands - Thanks a lot guys!

1-4-2008: Fundraising for our new runway

We have started raising funds for our new field! - If you want to check out how far we are or how you can help out check out our progress . - Sorry, this is a members-only link.

1-3-2008: Newsletter and Meeting

The next meeting is just around the corner (SBDO Security Office, Wednesday, Jan. 9th at 7:00PM). Old timers know that this is a vey special meeting, that is, we are going to elect and reelect officers and directors. This will also be the final get together before the AMA Convention that starts just two days later on Saturday Jan. 11th. -

Dennis prepared another great Newsletter be sure to check it out.

November 2007
11-12-2007: Newsletter and Meeting

The November meeting is the last one in 2007 because in December we will have our Christmas Party instead. The meeting will be held at the usual location and time (SBDO Security Office, Wednesday, Nov. 14th at 7:00PM).

Further, our November Newsletter is now on-line and hardcopies of the newsletter -for people that have subscribed to the snail mail version- should be in the mail as well.

October 2007
10-8-2007: Newsletter and Meeting

This week is meeting week. The meeting will this month be on Thursday, October 11th. Usual location, usual time (SBDO Security office, at 7:00PM)

Also our October Newsletter is now on-line plus the racing stats are updated too.

10-4-2007: Pylon Race at Fisherman's Retreat (Sunday Oct 7th)

Come on out to another World Model and Trainer Pylon Race this coming Sunday! The October race will be hosted by the AMAA at their facilities in San Timoteo Canyon. The usual rules apply. - This is the second last race of the season!

Registration starts at 8:30 AM and the races start sometimes after 9:00.

September 2007
9-10-2007: Newsletter and Meeting

This week is meeting week. The meeting will this month be on Wednesday, September 12th. Usual location, usual time (SBDO Security office, at 7:00PM)

Also our September Newsletter is now on-line.

9-7-2007: Pylon Race at Gilman Springs Field

This will be our first pylon race after our summer break in August. We will again be holding both race categories (World Model Racers and Trainers) if there are enough participants.

As usual the registration starts at 8:00 AM and the races start at 9:00.

August 2007
8-16-2007: MARKS Video

Good news! - The video about our hobby and the MARKS club that the group of students made a while ago is finished and I can tell you it came out great. Well cut, with lots of inflight video provided by our own Don G. and narrated in part by George M., the 3 minute clip shows our hobby and the club in great light. Check it out for yourself!

This link lets you download the MP4 file (~15.6MB). You need a MP4 capable player. There is a good free one available from VideoLan (9.4MB). Will will show the full resolution clip during the September meeting.

8-6-2007: MARKS Newsletter and Meeting

Dennis put together another great (August) Newsletter - go check it out, it is on-line!

This week will be meeting week, that is, we meet on Thursday August 9th. at 7:00 PM at the usual place at the San Bernardino Airport Security Office.

July 2007
7-9-2007: Pylon Race, Newsletter, and Meeting

We had another successfull pylon race last Saturday at Greenspot. The results will be posted shortly. Also we have the July edition of our Newsletter ready. You can download it from our Newsletter page.

This week will be meeting week, that is, we meet on Wednesday July 11th. at 7:00 PM at the usual place at the San Bernardino Airport Security Office.

June 2007
6-24-2007: Glen Helen Closure: June, 29th

By the end of this month we will leave Glen Helen for good, that is, if you want to go flying at that field then it has to be this week. This coming Friday (June 29th.) is the last day; at the end of the day at 5 PM we will have a small "fare well" party at the field and then move the remaining items on the field to Greenspot.

6-10-2007: Club Meeting this week on Thursday, June. 14th

This week is meeting week. - We will have our meeting at the usual time (7:00 PM) and at the usual place an the San Bernardino Airport Security Office.

May 2007
5-27-2007: Pylon Races

Here is a link to the Pylon Race document with the results from Bob Estrella. - I didn't yet get to update the race stats but will do so shortly. Also - we have moved the next pylon race from Saturday June 2nd to Sunday June 17th. This will give everybody two extra weeks to prepare. Please always check our calendar and the forum concerning the races. The schedule changes from time to time.

5-16-2007: This weekend is Pylon Race Weekend!

There are several things going on this week: First we have our Pylon Race hosted by the Gilman Springs Club. If you are more into Float Flying then go to Prado Park on Sunday. And, finally if you would like to see some full scale airplane action then there is the Chino Airshow this weekend as well.

5-12-2007: Pictures from the Redlands Fly-In

It took a while to comb through all the cool pictures that we recieved from this year's Redlands Fly-In. There was so much material that I grouped the images into six categories (I started naming the pictures but soon gave up on it ...). Please check them out under our Photo Gallery page.
In this context I'd like to thank all the photographers: Nadia, Sven, Marty, Henry, Rick, and Chuck.

5-9-2007: Harry's Newsletter about the Redlands Fly-In

Harry was very quick in putting together a great newsletter with pictures and comments about the Redlands Fly-In 2007. If you want to check it out you can download it from our site. - I will soon post a selection of the pictures that I received ... there is some great material there!

Also: Today is meeting night!

5-3-2007: Redlands Fly-In this weekend - Saturday May 5th

There are only a few days left until this year's Redlands Fly-In!

Like last year, we have an exiting program of flight demonstrations and a large number of great static RC planes. Looking at the current show program, there is something happening about every ten minutes! The weather forecast foresees splendid weather, although with a bit of Santa Ana winds over lunch. If you want to see what is going on check out our forum!

Important Reminder: Greenpot field is closed all day Saturday.

April 2007
4-25-2007: Dry-Run this weekend

Things are looking great concerning the cleanup of our two runways and it looks like we can proceed like planed with our dry run, that is:

  • Saturday April 28th, Dry-Run at Glen Helen, starting around 9:00 AM
  • Sunday April 29th, Dry-Run at Greenspot, starting around 9:00 AM

  • Please check the Forum for details! The evolving (and current) Redlands Fly-In Program is downloadable as PDF. - You don't need to be there both days if you are scheduled to fly at the Redlands Fly-In (Saturday, May 5th).

    PS. In the "unlikely event" that there is too much wind at Glen Helen on Saturday, we'd be moving to Greenspot from there.
    4-18-2007: Redlands Fly-In Heads up

    Only two and a half weeks and we are on. Please check out the Forum about the Redlands Fly-In and mark the date to fly or help at this event. The Preliminary Program is posted on-line so you can see what we plan to do. - There are still many flying positions to fill ... don't miss out on an opportunity to fly at a real airport!

    The Mandatory Dry Run for the Fly-In is on Saturday April 28th at Glen Helen and on April 29th at Greenspot for those that cannot make Saturday.

    4-15-2007: Pylon Race in retrospect

    Although there were only four racers present we had an excellent race day with very close races, good flying, and some solid action. Don was a strong performer all day long and took first place at the end. Dennis, however, is now in the lead in the overall classification. - I'll post pictures later.

    March 2007
    3-20-2007: Heads up for the next Pylon Race

    The next Pylon Race that was scheduled for April 7th has been moved a week to April 14th because two both Joe and Andreas are on vacation on the initially set date. Please mark your calendar accordingly. This will again be a combined race so bring out your Trainers and World Model racers. It looks like we will have quite a group racing and we are expecting many new participants ... if the rumors of the building frenzy are true.

    As always check out the Forum for details or for asking questions.

    3-11-2007: Meeting this Wednesday, March 14th

    This week is meeting week, please try to attend. - On a different note, we had a very fun pylon race last weekend at Fisherman's Retreat. Harry wrote a neat article about it in his newsletter! - The results are also posted. - The new point system for the year titles takes participation into account - Check it out!

    3-2-2007: Update - Pylon Race (Sunday, March 4th)

    There will be a BBQ/Potluck on Sunday - everybody is welcome, bring a little something and share it with everybody else.

    Important message from Harry: "For those of you who come to Fisherman's Retreat on San Timeteo Canyon Rd from the West please be advised the county is doing some road work and the road may be closed at the first RR crossing. Currently it is quickest to stay on the I-10 to Cherry Valley, turn right to Palmer, turn right and follow Palmer to San Timeteo then right back to the club. From the 60 take Redlands Blvd over the hill then San Timeteo to the club."

    Check out the Forum for more info.

    February 2007
    2-26-2007: Pylon Race

    Next weekend is Pylon Race Weekend (Sunday, March 4th)! - This will be the first time that we have two race categories (World Model and Trainers) so there will be plenty of excitement. You can read the specifics below, on our forum, or on our club calendar.

    2-22-2007: Greenspot Bridge

    Good News! - This mornings Press Enterprise reported that the repairs to the Green Spot Bridge have been completed ahead of schedule and the bridge will be open to traffic today. [Chuck]

    2-19-2007: The first pylon race this year in review

    Bob Estrella summarized the last Pylon Race at Gillman Springs for you to check out. - It was as usually a perfectly organized event and the several heats that were flown were very close and very exciting. - Check out the pictures and mark your calendar for the next race. Here are the results.

    2-19-2007: Quick Reference Guide of our new Forum

    Here is a quick HowTo Guid how to setup an account on our new forum, how to post messages, and how to upload pictures. Try it out it is a lot of fun and provides an excellent platform for sharing information.

    2-18-2007: Greenspot Update

    It seems that the bees have been moved away from the borrow pit area and also away from the Greenspot entrance area. - We went flying today and there was not a single bee insight!

    2-18-2007: Tom's Warbird Races

    Read Harry's report about the first warbird race of the season at the Fisherman's retreat.

    2-12-2007: New Club Forum

    Great News! - We have our new professional Club Forum on-line. This will help us to better stay in touch with each other, share club related information quicker, and to keep everybody posted on our small and big projects. Once you register your name at the forum you can browse, post topics, and upload images much like you can do on RCUniverse.

    Please let me know if you have any questions in this context.

    2-12-2007: February Newsletter

    Yes, it is no rumor: the February Propeller Teller is out and on-line!
    Check it out under our newsletter section. - Enjoy!

    2-6-2007: Greenspot Closed on Tuesday Feb. 6

    Somebody has cut our lock and stolen our chain so that the Water Conservation District had to put one of their locks at the gate. We should have the situation resolved by tomorrow afternoon. Please check this page or our new MARKS Forum before you try to go our Greenspot field

    2-3-2007: Club meeting next week on Thursday, Feb. 8th

    This week is meeting week. - We'll have our meeting at the usual place in the San Bernardino Airport Security Office. - We will send out an e-mail with a tentative agenda early in the week.

    2-2-2007: Pylon Race February 10th at the Gilman Springs Field

    This is the first race of the season, please see the details below. - Thanks and see you there!

    January 2007
    1-24-2007: Greenspot - Bridge Closure Update

    The old bridge over the Santa Ana Wash is closed until further notice, which is because there was an accident that damaged the bridge. Our field is, therefore, currently not accessible from Mentone/Yucaipa. On Greenspot Road (our access from Highland) there is a street barricade right after the last houses on the left of the road. To go flying you can drive around those barricades and continue to the gate of the Greenspot borrow pit. Greenspot Road is completely closed right after the gate.

    If you have updates please let me know and I'll post them here. - Thanks.

    1-21-2007: Greenspot

    It seems that the old bridge over the Santa Ana Wash is closed and that in turn Greenspot road is closed about a mile before the gate. Steven is checking this week if we are allowed to pass anyway (because we are not traversing the bridge).

    We'll keep you posted.

    1-15-2007: AMA Convention 2007 / Review

    I am pretty confident that everybody who made it to the AMA Convention this weekend felt that this was the best show so far. Attendance was great, people were having fun, lots of "toys" changed hands, and our booth setup worked out great.

    Over the next few days we will complete our photo album (please send in pictures that you might have taken) and start contacting the lucky winners of OUR BIG RAFFLE.

    Thanks again everybody for helping out and making this a great event for the club!

    1-13-2007: AMA Convention 2007 / Update

    What an awesome display of models and technology! - If you have time tomorrow to spend some time at the show (open until 4:00 PM on Sunday) I guarantee you that you will not be disappointed.

    Our double booth setup this year worked out terrific. Many visitors stopped by to watch Don's video collage (the motor glider story was the favorite) and to check out the model of our proposed flying site at Greenspot ... the feedback was great. A first set of images can be viewed in our photo album.

    1-10-2007: AMA Convention 2007

    The AMA Convention starts tomorrow Friday and last until Sunday afternoon. Our two booths are located in the far left area, viewed from the entrance. Don has prepared a great video and has built a screen/projector setup especially for the show! - don't miss on checking this out. Besides this we have a big raffle and a neat set of planes on static display.

    1-8-2007: This week is meeting week

    We will have our first meeting this year on Wednesday, January 10th at the usual place at the SBDO Airport Security facility (7:00PM).

    We will be talking about the upcoming AMA show next weekend, a revision of our Bylaws, and electing officers and directors of our club for 2007. So please try to attend.

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