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Picture of the Month

What is it all about?

The "Picture of the Month" challange is a friendly competition that aimes to bring the artist out of us. It is all about sharing fun or special moments, and well, before and after impressions.

How to take part?

In order to classify for this competition you have to submit a picture and a little description of an “RC related” scene before the last day of the month. You should be the person who has taken the picture. All pictures sent in during a particular month will take part at that month’s competition. The winner will be featured in the newsletter and his/her picture will make it into the Picture of the Month Gallery. The results will be announced at the group meeting. You do not have to be a member to participate.

Send your art to to participate.

Who can vote?

Every club member that is on the MARKS e-mail list gets to vote on the picture of the month. All candidate pictures are featured on this page. To join the e-mail list send an e-mail to

To vote, send in the image numbers of what you consider the best three pictures (E.g., 1:#23, 2:#10; 3:#14). Every vote counts!

Camera IMG

Current Picture of the Month

Picture of the Month IMG

Another picture from Erik. The picture shows Conners' plane making a final bounce, one wheel in the air and the prop instants before making a little dent in the runway.

Picture Date/Time:05/29/2006
Original Resolution:2560 x 1920 Pixels
Zoom:16mm (equiv.
Camera:Sony CYBERSHOT 707
Photograph:Erik Blaser

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