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Our newsletter is published on a monthly basis and can be downloaded as a PDF file. You need Acrobat Reader to view the newsletter. For best results please print the newsletter from within Adobe Reader, that is, be sure to use the printer icon inside Adobe Reader and not the one of your web-browser.

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April 2015

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Oct 29th 2008

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Our newsletter team is always on the lookout for good material. So if you have a neat story or some good pictures please send them in and we will try to publish your story in the next newsletter. Send your documents to


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Picture of the Month

Every month we will look at all the submitted pictures and award one with the prestigious “Picture of the Month” award. In order to classify for this competition you have to submit a picture and a little description of an “RC related” scene before last day of the month. You should be the person who has taken the picture. All pictures sent in during a particular month will take part at that month’s competition. The winner gets an e-mail notification, will be featured in the newsletter, and his art will make it into the Picture of the Month Gallery of this site. You do not have to be member to participate. Send your art to to participate.

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