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Since 6-29-05

Joining the MARKS club

Joining MARKS is easy: Simply complete our Online Membership Application and send it electronically (Press the "Submit by Email" button on the bottom of the form) or print and then mail the form to the address below (USPS). We will then contact you and arrange for the necessary details (Welcome package, keys to the field, etc.).

For questions concerning a MARKS membership send an e-mail to our Treasurer or President. We normally respond on the same day.

Mailing Address for Membership Applications

1353 Parker Ct.
Redlands, CA 92373

Because we are a chartered AMA club and because having an insurance when flying RC models is always a good idea, we require every club members to have an AMA membership. You can apply for both (MARKS & AMA) simultaneously, just let our Treasurer know that you are in the process of getting your AMA membership.

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Membership Fees

The MARKS Club's dues and fee structure is defined in the club's Bylaws, Article IV, Section 1.

Annual dues are $80, due January 1st of each year (That is less than $7 per month). Family members residing in the same household 18 years or younger or full time students pay $40 annually. Each applicant should fill out a separate application form. If you join after July 1st, the remaining dues will be pro-rated at $6.67 ($3.34 for Juniors) per month.

New members pay a one-time initiation fee of $150.00. There is no initiation fee for Juniors or full time students, however. Dormant members will be reinstated as outlined in the Bylaws.

Supporting members are passive members of the MARKS club that have all privileges like members in good standing with the exception that he or she cannot be elected into any office and cannot fly at any of the MARKS flying fields. Supporting members do not need to pay an initiation fee. There is also no need for supporting members to be members of the AMA. A supporting member's dues are $40 annually.

Mailing Address for Dues

1353 Parker Ct.
Redlands, CA 92373