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On this page you find links to web pages that have been created by our members. If you are a MARKS member and would like to be added please send an e-mail to

Members have basically two ways to have a web-page listed on this page:
  • If a member has already his or her own web-page (hosted somewhere else) then we'll simply link to that page
  • Members that have currently no own web-page can request the club to host their page.

    Josh Wahrer's
    Photo & Video Page
    This page shows some videos and pictures that Josh Wahrer made from our Greenspot flying site. He strapped his video camera to an amphibian plane and such was able to take some pretty shots of the area. (Updated 12-18-05) A very cool web-site; a must see if you are a turbine fan. Don builds his own turbines (Yes, from scratch!) and puts them to work in a variety of his inventions. Also, don't forget to check out his video production with awesome airborne video shots of Don and his buddies' RC planes, smoke and smiles included!
    Vic Bradley's RC Home page Vic maintains his own Linux host. To his web-site he recently added a musical slide show of some recent RC flying events at "Lake" Greenspot. The slide show also shows what happened to the field when it was flooded this winter.
    Sample WebPage This is not an actual member page but a template. If you have never created your own webpage then you can use this page as a starting point. Read the "How to quickly create your web-page guide" if you need help.