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Map of Greenspot Flying Field

Glen Helen Map

Driving Directions

  • Exit interstate 210 on 5th street and go East on 5th Street
  • After about 1.4 miles 5th street becomes Greenspot road, continue through Highland for about 4 miles
  • There is a rather sharp right curve, right before crossing the Santa Anna Wash (Nice old metal bridge)
  • Just before the bridge make a right onto the access road for the retention basin area
  • There is a massive red gate (which has to be opened with a key and should remain closed at all times)
  • Open the gate (use the club key) and drive on the access road about a mile to reach the field
  • For first time visitors, please ask a fellow club member, to show you the way, as the area is big and it is easy to get lost

    Detail Map

    Glen Helen Map