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Since 6-29-05

Gas and Glow Planes

Below is a list of RC Gas and Glow models of fellow club members. The models are ordered alphabetically. If you want to get more information about a particluar model click on the respective link. If you want to have your model added, please fill out the Model Gallery Form and send a picture to

Antares F3A
Edge 540T / Aero-Works
Edge 540T ||/ Aero-Works
Hobbistar 60
J3 Cub
Kwik Fly II ARF Global #3
Kwik Fly II ARF Global #5
Kwik Fly II ARF Global (Rick)
Showtime 50
Sport Stik 40
Hobbico SuperStar
Ringmaster - Sterling Models
Senior Telemaster
Tiger II Erik
Tiger II Sven
Trainer 46
Typhoon (Pattern Ship)
Yellow Red Plane
WMA Combat ME-109
WMA Combat ME-109 II