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Since 6-29-05

RC Flight Training

Flying your own RC model airplane is easier than you think, especially if you get a head start with one of our club instructors. - So come try it out!

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On weekends there is almost guaranteed somebody on our flying fields, particularly on our main, currently Grenspot. So why not just drop in and watch some MARKS members fly their RC models?

We have a number of very talented and well versed RC pilots that can definitively show you the ropes and give you valuable time- and-money saving advice if you are interested in RC Models.

If you already know that you want to take up RC Modelling or already have an RC Trainer that you would like to fly, then you can also contact our RC Flight Director, who will pair you with an available mentor and instructor at a convenient time.

The MARKS club owns two club trainers; the planes are fully equipped RC planes that can be used for schooling. These planes have been sponsored by HobbyTown USA in Redlands and they can be used for trainings sessions.

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Recent Graduates

Matthew Mee, age 13.

Matthew began flying this year in March and he already earned his wings on July 25, 2005!

Matthew had purchased the Hobbico NexSTAR RTF system and had flown with the RC simulator that came with it before getting together with Joe for the first time this March. Most weekends came and went without any flying due to all the rain that flooded or washed out our air fields. However, once the weather cleared, Matthew advanced quickly and soloed in July. Matthew is now flying a Sport Stik 40 and having fun with his new found hobby.

Congratulations Matthew!

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Other Flight School Impressions

The safest way to learn how to fly is with a trainer cord. This is a cable that connects two radios, one acting as a teacher and the other as a trainer radio. Using such a setup the teacher can take over the controls whenever there is a need to.

Here Chuck teaches Jeffrey some basic flying maneuvers.

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Flight School IMG

George with Josh at our Greenspot flying site.

Another picture with George and Erik, also at Greenspot - Sometimes it is just nice having an experienced pilot standing behind you!

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