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Since 6-29-05

Contests and Events

Warbird Rally

War bird rally IMG

Once a year the MARKS club organizes its War Bird Rally – normally in early spring. This is an open for all event with a variety of (fun) competitions and prizes. The main purpose of this event, however, is to gather pilots that enjoy building and flying military airplanes, and to exchange stories and simply to share a nice day on our field.

Latest Warbird Rally

Pylon Racing

Race Plane IMG

Race Plane IMG

Race Plane IMG

Every first Saturday we co-organize a pylon race with the Gillman Springs Fliers and the AMAA. The registration to the races begins at 9:00 AM and the location alternates between Greenspot, Gillman Springs, and Fisherman's Retreat field. Please check our Calendar for up to date information for when races are held.

We fly two categories: One category is based on a specific low cost 40 sized pylon racers. These planes are easy to build (if you are quick you can do it in one or two nights) and cheap. Prices are rewarded for the first to the fourth place. In addition to this there are points that you can collect by participating at a race (1st to 10th place receive points). These points count towards the end of the year classification (Yes, there should be a trophy!).

Our Racing Rules are based on other similar type events.

The second category of planes that we race are 40 sized trainers. This is a new category for us but it has already a long and fond tradition with the AMAA. The rules can be studied here.

Float Flies

Piper on Floats IMG

If there is enough rain during the winter months (like in 2010/11) then there is a nice, big and most of all unobstructed lake right adjacent to our Greenspot flying field. This lake is ideal for Float Flies, which are held in the spring time as long as there is water. Our Float Flies are open for all events.

Fun Flies

Fun FlyIMG

Finally there are the Fun Flies. There is no regular schedule for these events and you have to check our Calendar for more information. Typically a Fun Fly will comprise a number of fun competitions for all flying experience levels.

For all events, if you have further questions, please contact our Event Coordinator.