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Flying Sites

The MARKS Club sports currently one main flying site: Our Greenspot field is about 3 miles East of the city of Highland. The runway has a polymer surface and is about 580 ft long and 50 ft wide. During winters with lots of precipitation we have a huge lake just down the runway in Greenspot where we can fly float planes.

Check out this link if you want to find more information about our club flying sites, affiliated and neighboring clubs,or other places our members hang out flying.

Map & Directions

Besides maps and directions to our two main club flying sites you will find a host of other directions to neighboring and affiliated clubs and some public flying sites.

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Contact Information

Interested in finding a particular point of reference in our Club? Then check out the contact information page.

Membership - Join the Club!

Our club has between 80 and 120 members, depending on the time of the year. We are accepting new members; if you would like to join the MARKS club or learn to fly RC models you should contact one of our club officers.

MARKS "Stuff"

Want to get one of those cool hats or shirts with the MARKS logo? - Then check out this page and reserve yours today!

Forms, Graphics, and Plans (MARKS, AMA, and others)

If you are looking for a form or graphic from the MARKS club or AMA then follow this link.

MARKS Club Inventory and Assets *

This link lists all our club assets and tells you where they currently are (For members only).

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Club History

The MARKS club was founded by a handful of RC model enthusiasts in 1967. ...

The MARKS club is one of the oldest, continuously active RC Model Clubs in the US.

We are currently digitizing our rich club history, so if you are interest in RC history, you may want to check back later.

Finally, if you have images, stories, or gossip from earlier times of the MARKS club that would like to share, please check with Woody our Club Historian - Thanks!