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Movie Clips with RC and real Airplanes

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August 2007
MP4 Movie Clip This is a MARKS Club / RC Flying video that a group of Art Students made as a semester project. They used their own footage and some inflight videos from Don G. - Great clip, check it out! (received: 8/15/2007 / size: 15.6MB/3Min) MIL 8-16-07

June 2006
Windows Media Player Old Rhinebeck is a small grass airstrip on the Hudson in New York. This is a place for WW I enthusiast to gather and share their passion. This clip shows a Sopwith Camel making an impressive landing. (received: 6/6/2006 / size: 1.1MB) MIL 6-7-06
Windows Media Player This is a pilot account of an inflight collision of an F-15 with a Skyhawk. Incredibly the pilot landed the F-15 with only one wing. (received: 6/7/2006 / size: 96KB) MIL 6-7-06
Windows Media Player The F-22 is an incredible fighter. This movie shows some neat in flight shots from what you can do with lots of on-board computers and thrust vectoring. (received: 6/2/2006 / size: 5.0MB) MIL 6-6-06

May 2006
Windows Media Player Amazing clip from the Qualification Contest for the German Indoor Aerobatics Championship 2006. There are more clips on (received: 5/1/2006 / size: 15.5MB) MIL 5-1-06

April 2006
Windows Media Player Impressive professional video of the Sukhoi Su-35 multi-role fighter - Now that would be a nice model jet! Of course one would need to incorporate working canards and thrust vectoring. (received: 4/3/2006 / size: 12.1MB) MIL 4-3-06

March 2006
Windows Media Player This clip shows a Su-27 at an airshow that seems to have some sort of power problem. It appears that the pilot manages to avoid the crowd doing some very skilled flying, before crashing in an open area. (spotted: 3/27/2006 / size: 3.1MB) MIL 3-28-06
Images Quantas Squawks: Hilarious communication between Pilots and Service Personal of Quantas Airlines (received: long time ago) COM 3-8-06
Windows Media Player Funny picture of a military trainer (Alpha Jet?) with two smaller "baby" jets under the wings. (found: 2/2/2006) MIL 3-8-06
Images This clip was sent around a while ago but it is still cool to watch. It shows A Hydro Foam boat, that is a boat that can swimm and fly. Very cool - As far as I know they sell it now as a kit (received: 6/9/2005 / size: 22.1MB) COM 3-8-06
Windows Media Player This Sukoi Su-30 does some awesome 3D stunts. It is simply amazing what thrust vectoring can do for you. (received: 2/10/2006 / size: 4.9MB) MIL 3-8-06
Images Don't do this at home! - Three AT-6s flying formation across a lake while their wheels are skimming the surface of the water. (received: 3/3/2006) COM 3-8-06
Windows Media Player Clip showing French very low flying military jets over Northern Africa and the Mediterranean (received: 12/28/2005 / size: 35.8MB) MIL 3-7-06
Windows Media Player Very esthetic clip of about a hundred parachutists creating a diamond at sunset. (received: 1/31/2006 / size: 5.2MB) COM 3-7-06
Windows Media Player This stunt looks a) not too professional, b) very dangerous, and c) at least partially unintended. Two acrobatic planes nearly missing each other at what seems an air show (found: 1/22/2006 / size: 0.7MB) MIL 3-7-06
Windows Media Player A crazy motor bike stunt involving a biker jumping over a biplane while doing a semi knife edge fly by. (found: 2/11/2006 / size: 0.5MB) COM 3-7-06
Windows Media Player Impressive footage of an F-18 dropping ordonance while descending and an A-4 Skyhawk getting hit by that ordonance (received: 2/2/2006 / size: 2.4MB) MIL 3-7-06
Windows Media Player The comment to this clip was that this is an fully automated flight into the ground (forest). However, the only crash that I remember in this context was that of an Air France Airbus (A300?) and the cause was pilot error. Does anyone know more about this one? (found: 2/2/2006 / size: 1.2MB) COM 3-7-06
Windows Media Player I am not sure what the point of this experiment was. Maybe the Marines wanted to see how much vibration a CH-47 Chinook can sustain (received: 2/20/2006 / size: 1.8MB) MIL 3-7-06

January 2006
Web Movie Citroen vs. Ford vs. Boing 747 - It is really difficult to classify this clip; there is an educational component about crosswind, but ... you may want to see for yourself (Received: 1/23/2006 / Duration: 3:23) COM 1-23-06
Windows Media Player The proof: You don't have to go super-sonic to create a cone shaped cloud around a plane. This clip shows an impressive flyby of an FA-18 creating such cones in front of a dramatic background of clouds (received: 1/20/2006) MIL 1-20-06
Windows Media Player This young RC pilot (Justin Chi) is barely three years old but he is already a pro. This clip is simply amazing and sort of funny to watch. Hey, there is finally a guy with a stronger accent than mine :-) (Found: 1/17/2006) RC 1-18-06
Windows Media Player A nice collection of aviation wallpapers (images suitable as windows background)(received: 1/18/2006) VAR 1-18-06
Windows Media Player This is a movie of a very professionally handled (real) ejection sequence of an instructor and his student flying an F-16, after a bird strike. They twice tried to restart the engine before they finally ditched the plane in an unplowed field (received: 1/18/2006) MIL 1-18-06
Windows Media Player Very sad ending of a real P-38 and most likely also of its pilot, who initiated a roll in a descent and way too low (posted: 1/9/2006) MIL 1-12-06
Windows Media Player Midair of two RC models. Murphy's law rules again; apparently there were only those two models in the air when this mishap took place (received: 1/9/2006) RC 1-12-06
Windows Media Player A military helicopter tries to land, however, somehow the tail rotor gets damaged and the whole apparatus starts to spin. Miraculously everybody is ok.(posted: 1/6/2006) MIL 1-6-06
Windows Media Player This is is a nice collection of pretty Blue Angles pictures - these have been circulated before but now we have them on file. (received: 1/6/2006) MIL 1-6-06
Windows Media Player My favorite clip for the day. I'll only say so much: Those fishermen bought an electric out board motor the next day. (received: 1/6/2006) VAR 1-6-06
Windows Media Player This is an older clip showing military air drops that went wrong. (received: 1/6/2006) MIL 1-6-06
Windows Media Player A reporter almost gets a haircut when a Spitfire makes a really low flyby - For those with sensitive ears, there is some cursing going on after the fact. (received: 1/6/2006) MIL 1-6-06
Windows Media Player This clip appeared at one point in AFV - It shows two people in a small plane makeing some negative g-maneuvers, unfortunately they forgot to tie down their dog! (received: 1/6/2006) GA 1-6-06
Windows Media Player Now I am scared! - What happens if the pilot of a real airplane (MD-80) ignores the three H's (Height (Altitude), Humidity, and Heat) or if he simply flies too slow! (received: 1/6/2006) COM 1-6-06
Windows Media Player This clip shows a two engine seaplane landing on a river delta ... those brave people that are watching this have no clue where to run! (received: 12/30/2005) COM 1-6-06

December 2005
Windows Media Player In flight video of some French pilots flying Mirage IIIs and F1s low over the desert - most likely somewhere in North Africa (received: 12/27/2005) MIL 12-28-05
Windows Media Player Another clip of that big B29. This one without the X-1. Pilot Mac Hodges (found: 12/22/2005) RC 12-22-05
Windows Media Player These three pictures show a pretty incredible approach of a real Boing 747 onto an airfield that just wasn't made for such a big plane. - If I remember correctly then this 747 was flown onto that field for permanent storage reasons (received: 10/19/2004) COM 12-18-05
Windows Media Player A bit sarcastic (This is in reference to the Egyptair incident)(received: 11/19/1999) COM 12-14-05
Windows Media Player Christmas "a la son et lumiere" - Although this has nothing to do with flying per see it is still the best X-Mas clip I have seen so far. (received: many times ...) VAR 12-08-05
Windows Media Player Ever wondered what happens when the reservoir of a real 747 is full (in flight)? (received: 12-07-05) COM 12-07-05
Windows Media Player Did you think bad landings are reserverd for RC planes? - Think again (Received: 5-25-05) COM 12-06-05
Windows Media Player Some pretty amazing crosswind landings in the desert by big airplanes (received: 8-9-05) COM 12-06-05
Windows Media Player Funny "montaged" clip of two 747s doing a race at the gate (they speak an East German dialect) (received: 10-5-05) COM 12-06-05

November 2005
Windows Media Player Model F-14 flight video with working variable wing geometry (recorded: ?) RC 11-29-05
Windows Media Player Big RC B-29 with rocket powered X-1. Pilot Mac Hodges (recorded: 11-6-04) RC 11-26-05
Windows Media Player The infamous RC B-52 crash (recorded: May-04) RC 11-24-05
Windows Media Player Real crash of a B-52 that was practicing before an airshow (recorded: ?) MIL 11-24-05
Windows Media Player Real crash of an Su-29 (?) at an airshow (recorded: ?) MIL 11-24-05
Windows Media Player Very cool stunt of an RC plane over a pool apparently at a keg party (recorded: 2001) RC 11-24-05
Windows Media Player Two real helicopters getting too close (recorded: ?) MIL 11-24-05

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